Zotta Forest


Leonardo Scarpinati

39 years of Calatafimi Segesta (TP)
Dog trainer and lover of the queen of the woods.

Antonino Simone

42 years old from Catania (CT)
In splendid Sicily he hunts with his beloved setter.

Glauco Panigutti

52 years from the province of Udine
Born into a family with a noble passion for hunting and therefore a hunter for life. I work as an electrician but this is for living, the rest is just hunting in all its animal nuances, weapons, optics and accessories, friends, parties, dogs, places and different places and to close clothing, so I decided to follow zotta forest in its growth by testing different materials and garments in my mountains and not only discovering ergonomics, comfort, resistance, very gladly recommending it to my colleagues making a good impression.

Giovanni Cassin

Ballabio (LC)
As per the great family tradition, his life is in the mountains and he hunts ungulates.

Aurelio Fracei

It has hunting in its DNA. Great connoisseur of alpine fauna, photographer and qualified expert guide.
The mountains of the Val di Susa are his home.

Manfredi Mannato

Born in 1970, from Benevento (BN) – Campania.
Alpine ski instructor and trainer, a lover of the mountains and the woods with his pointing dog! Owner of a historic armory.

Simone Borgesa

Born and raised in Susa (TO), by now in his thirties he dedicates himself with great dedication and excellent results to Fitav combined shooting competitions.
His great passion is the collective hunting of wild boar and selection of the ungulates of the Turin mountains.